Company Overview

As professional property managers, we keep up-to-date with the issues affecting real estate, and ultimately the properties we manage. We strive to stand out among other property management companies. Whether you are looking to rent in a residential property or seeking a reputable company for your commercial leasing, Jabs Group of Companies is right for you.

Jabs has experts in commercial and residential property management to cover your needs across domains

The Beginning...

The Jabs Group of Companies own and operate commercial and residential properties throughout the Okanagan. The founder of the company started in the Kelowna area in the 1950s by building single housing and moved on to multifamily and commercial properties.


Today, as one of the oldest established businesses in Kelowna, Jabs Group of Companies now has commercial properties in Kelowna, Vernon and Edmonton. Jabs Group of Companies also has residential properties available for rent in Kelowna, Vernon and Kamloops.